Museums and Social Responsibility - What's next? Conference

Maribor, 23. and 24. september 2021 (online)

We are starting with a premise or a recognition that nearly all our problems arise from social problems. That is why the deterioration of the world around us cannot be understood without dealing with the problems within society. Different conflicts – gender, race, economic, ethnic and cultural are the base of some very concerning ecological problems as well.  The future of our society and museums as such lies in the recognition of those problems and dealing with them. That is why our speakers from several countries are going to open a few topics – social ecology and museums going green on one side, right up to the question of  use of technology in museums. They are going to be experts on climate change and the role of the museum in implementation of Agenda 2030, question of ethics in museums, museums in activism and the process of rethinking our purpose and role in today's society. We, as an international museum community are going to rethink our relationship with an ever changing society, our role in this world »going green« and the role of new technologies in museums that are wiling and ready to change the world around us. From activism to education.